New faces in Reverie

In the run up to Book 3 in the series I thought I’d take the chance to introduce a couple of the new characters that pop up. The first of these is the rather unpleasant underworld figure known only as ‘Granny’, with an extract from ‘Where Dreams End’ below giving a brief glimpse.

Rather hesitantly Adam walked across to stand in front of her, caught in the glare of the lamps hanging around the desk and the small oasis of clear space that surrounded it. Up close Granny was even more ancient than Adam had first thought and considerably grubbier. The fine clothes didn’t appear to have been washed for some time and there was an unpleasant smell that he tried not to react to.

“It’s a very rare thing you’re asking for,” she began. “There are only two captains that I would trust on the Dwam, and unfortunately for you one of them is quite mad.”

“So, who is the other one?” Adam asked. She smiled back at him, not particularly pleasantly, revealing what remained of her teeth. A series of alternating black and brown tombstones in remembrance of long lost and sadly missed oral hygiene.

“Oh my…” she giggled, “…you don’t understand at all do you? It’s the mad one that you need to find. The other one is much, much worse.”

“Where then, where do we find this captain?” Adam asked her, trying not to breathe in too heavily, her last exhalation having made him slightly woozy.

At his question she held out a wrinkled hand, the skin on her fingers hanging loose, like oversized jumpers on skinny children, waiting to grow into their clothes. Despite her lack of words, her intention was transparent enough.

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