What a difference a day (or year) makes

Newly arrived, paper copies of Book 3!!

Just over a year ago I published the first book in the Daydreamer Chronicles series. It had a self-made cover and zero budget but this was balanced out by the optimism, encouragement and generous support received from friends and family.

Since then the second and now third book in the series have been published, and the first book has been revised and updated a couple of times, (including the new cover, and with the benefit of hindsight, some further editing & housekeeping), receiving some lovely reviews along the way.

So with all this going on, it has been a very busy year one way or another, culminating with the arrival of the hard copies of book three yesterday.

I wanted to say a big thanks to everyone that has supported the series, (whether through reviews, facebook post likes / shares, or just generally being nice!) and will be running a giveaway or two in the coming weeks to show my appreciation, so keep your eyes peeled.

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