Adam (the Daydreamer…)

“Bit late for breakfast mate,” Charlie said, briefly pausing his determined munching of his eighth (or possibly even ninth) slice of post-breakfast toast, when Adam finally made it into the kitchen. “To be honest you’re nearly too late for dinner as well. Mum was starting to worry that you were ill, but I set her straight and said you were fine… just really lazy.”

“Thanks,” Adam grunted, letting his head slump down onto the breakfast table. “Still… so… tired… this is ridiculous.”

“Literally zero sympathy. If you will spend all the time when you should be sleeping whooshing around a dream world and fighting evil or whatever it is you keep doing, then you only have yourself to blame.” Charlie walked across to the radio and clicked it on, filling the room with a particularly loud and catchy pop song that grated on Adam’s exhausted brain like a cat scratching a blackboard.

“I hate you,” Adam managed, wiggling his fingers in the direction of the radio and wishing that he could use his Daydreaming in the Waking World. He wasn’t sure if it was considered an acceptable use of his powers to destroy radios, but at the moment he didn’t care. It didn’t make any difference anyway, with the tiny speaker continuing to pump out its agonizingly chirpy tune.

Taking pity on his friend, Charlie turned the radio back off. “Fine, I’ll be nice this time. You do look pretty rough, perhaps you need a day… or night off. You won’t be any good to anyone if your brain implodes from lack of sleep.”

“Can that happen?” Adam asked. “At the moment I kind of hope it could, at least it would get rid of my headache.” He grimaced and smacked his lips a couple of times, “plus my mouth tastes like I’ve tried to chew a camel to death… a really, really ill camel.”

(Excerpt from ‘Where Dreams End’)

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