Grimble (the eternal pessimist)

“It’s her, the Deep Sleeper!” Bella shouted back, “she must have passed near the ship.” As she spoke the deck tipped violently once again, although this time Adam had the foresight to grab tight to the ship’s rails and he managed to stay standing.

Bella was almost erupting with obvious excitement. “I can’t believe that we have run across her, the chances are tiny.”

“Honestly, from experience, I am amazed that it’s taken this long,” Grimble growled as he got back to his feet, brushing himself down. “Every time I go anywhere with these two idiots if there is anything big or dangerous… or most often both anywhere nearby, that’s where we end up.”

“That’s not completely true,” Lucid said, giving Bella an apologetic grin.

“And if there isn’t anything big and dangerous nearby,” Grimble added, “then we just keep moving around until we do manage to find something… and then we prod it.”

(Excerpt from ‘Where Dreams End’)

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