Nora (and the ‘friendly’ nightmare)

Adam found himself dragged along in Nora’s wake as she strode past him and straight up the stairs to Adam’s room. “Right,” she said purposefully as soon as they were both in his room.

“Right what?” Adam asked, still feeling unbalanced by the combination of Nora’s sudden arrival and Mittens’ rather forceful approach to things.

“Do you trust me?” she asked, darkness coiling from the edge of her pupils. “Would you be insulted if I said… not completely?” Adam managed, backing away slightly as he watched the oily blackness cover her eyes completely and start to spill out from her fingertips. He was feeling increasingly nervous about the way things were going, but as it turned out he didn’t have the chance to say anything further before the coils of darkness sprang out from her hands, lightning fast, and hit him squarely in the face.

(Excerpt from ‘Welcome to Moonshine’)

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