Expanding the World of Reverie – the first ‘Sidequel’

Been a bit of a break since my last post, due to entirely pleasant reasons like holidays and birthdays, but now my head is back (at least partially) in Reverie. The revisit is mainly due to a question someone asked about one of the minor characters from the books, specifically “whatever happened to…”

Although I obviously had a pretty good idea (after all, what responsible author wouldn’t… cough… cough…) I decided to write up their story as a short ‘sidequel’ to the main books. At the moment their tale is somewhere a bit over 5,000 words, but it turns out they had a more interesting back story than I realised, so I will see where things go from here.

PS. I was very disappointed to find out that ‘sidequel’ already existed as a term, having almost convinced myself that I had invented it.

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