Weaving a good story

After a bit of a break while the first ‘Tales from Reverie’ story got finalised and published I have been back working on the next main novel and am very pleased to say that page 150 is now complete.

Unfortunately pages 20-100, 120-149 and 151 onward are still missing… but I definitely have a very strong feeling about page 150, it’s going to be a really good page.

I’m not sure how many other writers work this way, but more often than not, after I have the main story beats planned out I end up flipping between sections in the order that they interest me the most. Starting with writing a bit of the opening, then skipping to some text half way through and perhaps a bit of the finale, before starting it all again the next day (or week, depending on how busy life is).

It keeps things fun and interesting and fends of the dreaded writer’s fatigue, up to the point where it all needs bringing together into one (hopefully coherent) narrative, normally about half way into the writing process. Continuity, distance, time, previous references and all sorts of other practical constraints then come into play and I have to pay the price for all the fun I had earlier, when I need to weave it all together.

Still, progress is happening and things are on course for completion sometime in the first quarter of next year (currently looking at March 2020). I’ll keep you posted.

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