Christmas Come Early

It feels like everyone is willing Christmas to come around quicker this year, putting a pin in 2020 and hoping that next year is better for everyone. In keeping with that sentiment we have put up a few early decorations, I’ve already had a glass of sherry, and the local writing group’s latest challenge is to create something celebratory or seasonal.

I’m leaning towards a retelling of a Christmas Carol, with our young hero Ebenezer trying to extricate himself and his fledging business from the grasp of local gang-lord Robert Cratchit and his menacing enforcer ‘Tiny Tim’, but time will tell if the idea survives the writing process or ends up as something completely different.

On the Daydreamer Chronicles front, the pre-order version of Book 4 is now complete and uploaded with time to spare, (with the paperback version set to go at the same time). I would love to say that it is due to my excellent work ethic, but it’s mainly thanks to the input from a few amazing beta readers, who helped me hammer it into shape in record time.

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