Weaving a good story

After a bit of a break while the first ‘Tales from Reverie’ story got finalised and published I have been back working on the next main novel and am very pleased to say that page 150 is now complete.

Unfortunately pages 20-100, 120-149 and 151 onward are still missing… but I definitely have a very strong feeling about page 150, it’s going to be a really good page.

I’m not sure how many other writers work this way, but more often than not, after I have the main story beats planned out I end up flipping between sections in the order that they interest me the most. Starting with writing a bit of the opening, then skipping to some text half way through and perhaps a bit of the finale, before starting it all again the next day (or week, depending on how busy life is).

It keeps things fun and interesting and fends of the dreaded writer’s fatigue, up to the point where it all needs bringing together into one (hopefully coherent) narrative, normally about half way into the writing process. Continuity, distance, time, previous references and all sorts of other practical constraints then come into play and I have to pay the price for all the fun I had earlier, when I need to weave it all together.

Still, progress is happening and things are on course for completion sometime in the first quarter of next year (currently looking at March 2020). I’ll keep you posted.

Good News

By Frank Karlitschek – Imported from 500px (archived version) by the Archive Team. (detail page), CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=71318445

A quick post to let you know that the first ‘Tales from Reverie’ Novella is now free to download on Amazon (until the 18th November). So if you have read the first three books and wanted to dig a bit deeper into Reverie then please go ahead and grab a copy, (and if you haven’t read the others yet – you could always download it now and save it till later…)

Just wanted to say thanks for all the support so far – I hope you enjoy this little extra.

Filling in the gaps

The first Tales From Reverie book is now live on Amazon. It’s a novella length story coming in at a bit under half the length of one of the full novels and is very much written to fill in a couple gaps for anyone who has already read through the first three books – or more specifically to answer the question of one reader who asked “what happened to Maya?”

I suppose I could have just replied “it’s a mystery,” which would have been the sensible approach to the question, but instead got completely carried away and wrote a 20,000 word story, commissioned a new cover and also a couple of new illustrations.

The plan is to give the book away for free (the ebook version at least), as it is intended as a small thank-you to people who have supported the series to date. As such I will be putting out a couple of boosted Facebook posts to let people know when it will be available for free download (the rules on Amazon unfortunately mean it can only be offered for free for 5 days in every three month period), so keep your eyes peeled if you want to grab a free download.

Image by Willi Heidelbach – Flickr: Puzzle2, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=31799193

Proof is in the pudding?

Sorry – couldn’t think of a single decent ‘proof’ based pun or title, and there is literally no pudding connection at all. Nevertheless proof copies of the first ‘Tales from Reverie’ story arrived in the post today. Always interesting (and mildly stressful) to see if something gets picked up reading through the printed version that slipped through the digital copy. One final read through and then I can get on with publishing the absolutely, definitely, final version.

All it’s missing is some sort of subtle reminder that this copy isn’t for resale…

Whatever happened to….

Something bad is coming…

All Maya wanted was a new life, far away from the barren plains of the west. Unfortunately for her what she got was something very different and now she works for the ‘Five’, the self-proclaimed protectors of Reverie.

There are rumours of a new Horror forming on the fringes of the Dreamworld, and what was supposed to be just another mission is already turning out to be much worse than Maya could ever had expected, with the future of the entire world hanging in the balance.

Before Adam’s adventures in Reverie ever began there was another hero fighting to protect the world from Nightmares. See the events of the Daydreamer Chronicles unfold from a completely different perspective.

No Daydreams, no powers, but a whole lot of trouble.


Cover story

Just received the cover art for the upcoming Reverie novella, which tells Maya’s story and gives a brand new perspective on the adventures in the first three Daydreamer Chronicles novels.

As always the artist who works on my covers has done a great job capturing the essence of the story and I can’t wait to see the final cover, (which shouldn’t be long…)

Toy Story

A big thank you to the reader who recently sent in their recreation of Bella in lego form. Apparently there is also a Lucid (and possibly others). It’s always very nice (and extremely flattering) when someone takes the time to find a new way to look at the residents of Reverie – but is it possible to create a Nora / Mittens combo…

Sidequels, Stories and Spoilers

Just a quick update on the progress of the first Reverie side story – sitting alongside the timeline of events in the first three Daydreamer Chronicles books, this started as a short story (about 5,000 words), but I got rather carried away, and it grew pretty quickly into a Novella of over 20,000 words. Definitely one for reading after finishing the other books – as it does contain spoilers for events that take place across the series, but hopefully a nice fun read for anyone who is up to date with the Daydreamer Chronicles and looking to fill in a few gaps.

Currently going through some Beta reading, then there is just the final edit, the cover to finish and it’s good to go. Best guess it should be out within the month, but I will keep you updated.

Image courtesy of Martin Rowson under the creative commons license.


Good things come in threes

Been a good few days all round. First there was the nice review from the Readers Favourite site, then I received the updated portrait art for Book 3 – and to make three, I found out earlier today that the Midwest Book Review has included a brief review of ‘The Boy Who Dreamt the World’ in their latest issue.

Particularly happy about this one, as the Midwest Book Review are big supporters of small press publishing and even more importantly are major proponents of children’s literacy. Their recommendations are used by US community and school libraries, so with some luck a few of my books might pop up in libraries across America, which would be pretty fantastic.


Right, that should be the end of all the recent self-indulgent posts for the moment and back onto actual writing…. Unless there is another positive editorial review – in which case I will of course be straight back on it 🙂

The gang are all together

Finally got around to bringing the cast from Book 3 together as originally intended in one portrait.

Meanwhile work is progressing on the first Reverie side story. It’s ended up being a bit more than a short story, but a fair way short of a full novel, so not quite sure what to call it yet. Still a bit of work to go before its finished, but it’s all coming together quite nicely.