Welcome to the Weave (or in this case links to other blogs, sites and general places of interest)

Often the best way to find other great independent fiction is through other indie authors, bloggers and sites. This page provides links to some of those sites.


The Secret Library Book Blog – a fantastic site for fans of fantasy, paranormal and magical fiction, ran by fantasy author Rosie Wylor-Owen.

The Clan Witch Writing and Publishing Blog – ran by Natasha Sinclair, this provides a fascinating insight into the author’s mind, updates on their current works, links to other books and interviews with a wide range of independent authors. https://clanwitch.home.

Middle Grade Author sites

ETFO award winner Mark Gunning’s ‘Itchygooney’ site provides links to his latest books, background to the adventures of William and Thomas, and more than the occasional hint that some of the shenanigans might well be autobiographical.