Spreading the word

The Daydreamer Chronicles is now multi-format (if you take multi-format to mean basically the same but available in lots of different places…).

The first book in the series is now available for free through Apple i-books, Lulu.com and Barnes and Noble




Why it’s good to read (and sometimes write) #1

Reasons why it’s really, really good to read (and sometimes write) #1:
Remember when you were a child and you existed as the hero at the centre of your own story, the rest of the world slowly spinning around you. Anything was possible. You could be an astronaut, detective or ninja (or best of all a crime solving, space travelling, ninja).
Then, as you grow up, you slowly realise that you might not get to always be the hero character after all. Perhaps instead you become the comedy sidekick, the reliable friend, the caring parent or some other supporting character in the stories of the people around you – and eventually you realise just how important this is.
But it’s still nice, every now and then, to put yourself back in the centre of the story again and be the hero for a while. Reading (and sometimes writing) has got to be the absolute, unbeatable, number one way to do that.
It’s good to dream every now and then – there’s probably some sort of science that proves it’s good for your brain 😉
(Image By Eneas De Troya from Mexico City, México – Lectura para unas vidas, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=24676730)