Where Dreams End

Finally, Adam has found where his mum could be hidden….

She is somewhere deep within the Dream World of Reverie, but getting to her won’t be easy. 

For a start she is somewhere far on the other side of the world, a place where no sane person would ever choose to go, the place the Nightmares come from. Even worse than that, the Queen of the Nightmares has her own plans in place, and Adam is caught right in the middle of her schemes. 

Then there is the small matter of a war between Nightmare factions, an impossible voyage across the great sea of dreams and clashes with the most ancient beings in all of Reverie. 

Fortunately for Adam he has the help of an even odder group of friends than usual, which in Reverie means very odd indeed. But even with the help of friendly dream beings, Nightmare freedom fighters and clockwork cyborgs, this time Adam is in real trouble, stuck in the place where dreams end. 

‘Where Dreams End’ is the third book in the Daydreamer Chronicles series.

‘Mr. Punter has done it again. In the third book of the series, plots are unfolding and secrets are discovered. I had the hardest time putting this story down and read through to the wee hours of the morning‘ (Amazon.com Review)